Your Guide to Private Jet Bathrooms

Your Guide to Private Jet Bathrooms

Private aircraft are not all made equal. This notion is particularly accurate when referring to the private jet restrooms, which differ greatly from aircraft to aircraft.

Some private aircraft have numerous restrooms. Certain have showers. Others have a little chemical toilet behind a curtain. Others don’t even have a toilet.Therefore, it’s crucial to pick an aeroplane that will meet your needs. What to expect from the lavatory on a private jet is as follows.

Very Light Jets

The Embraer Phenom 100EV and Cessna Citation Mustang are two examples of the market’s smallest jets, which are classified as Very Light Jets.

Despite being the smallest jets available, the lavatory amenities differ greatly. Consider the Eclipse 500, Eclipse 550, and Cirrus Vision Jet as examples. These planes are designed for brief flights, usually under an hour. As a result, the manufacturers decided that a toilet could be removed from the cabin. This is due to the seldom use of the restrooms.

This is one of the factors contributing to these aircraft’s diminutive size. Additionally, the weight and cabin size are smaller the less amenities there are on-board. This not only brings down manufacturing costs generally. The semi-enclosed restrooms represent the following level up. You will discover a liftable seat cushion that reveals a chemical toilet in these instances.

There won’t be any doors around the toilet seat, and it won’t flush. There might, however, be a detachable curtain for privacy. The Cessna Citation Mustang is the main offender for the emergency toilet in the VLJ category. Between the cockpit and the main cabin of the Mustang is where you’ll find the partially covered lavatory. However, there are aeroplanes with fully enclosed restrooms, even in the VLJ category.

The Honda Jet, for instance. The toilet is here separated from the main cabin by a sturdy door. A wash basin with a tap is also provided.

Light Jets Bathrooms

Despite the fact that light jets have larger bathrooms than VLJs, they aren’t noticeably better.

The main advantage will be more room.

The size of the VLJs makes it difficult for passengers to stand up in the lavatory.

Light jets, however, will give the bathroom a little bit more room.

A solid door of some kind, such as a swinging door, bi-fold door, sliding pocket door, or an accordion door, is usually a feature.

Typically, flushing toilets, wash basins, mirrors, and maybe even storage are included in light jets. Additionally, the majority of light jets will come equipped with a seatbelt and a cover for the bathroom. This adds a second, authorised passenger seat.

Midsize Jets

Upgrading from a light jet to a medium jet is similar to upgrading a VLJ to a light jet.

The basic facilities such as flush toilet, washbasin, mirror, and storage space will not change.

But the most significant upgrade is more space and the ability to use that space as your private dressing area.

 These are aircraft that fly for up to 5 hours, so toilet facilities are more important to him than aircraft that only fly for 1 hour.

In addition, midsize jets have larger cabins and, as a result, more bathroom space.

Large Jet Bathrooms

Similar to the transition from VLJs to light jets, light jets to midsize jets are an improvement.

The fundamental amenities—a flushing toilet, wash basin, mirror, and modest storage—remain the same. The main improvement, though, is increased room and the possibility of using it as a personal dressing area.

The restrooms are more crucial on these aircraft than on those that are only flying for an hour because they can travel for up to five hours. A midsize jet’s cabin is also bigger, providing additional room in the bathroom.

Bathrooms with large jets

The toilet facilities start to get interesting where there are big jets. Large jets also mark the moment at which the bathroom can begin to be utilised for bathing.

Given that some of these aircraft may fly for up to 14 or 15 hours at a time, the facilities must be flawless. Furthermore, the bathrooms must be of the greatest calibre given that some of the most expensive big jets cost upwards of $70 million.

You may expect more of the same in the bathroom, including a flushing toilet, washbasin, mirror and storage, if you use some long-range jets. However, there will be more room, better-quality amenities and fixtures, and perhaps better lighting.

The lavatory amenities, however, reach new heights on aircraft like the Bombardier Global family, the Gulfstream flagship family, and the Dassault flagship models.

This is visible not only in terms of larger facilities but also in terms of natural lighting, such as a skylight on some aircraft, and a shower. Additionally, several restrooms can be added to some large aeroplanes. As a result, utilising the shower does not hinder other people from using the lavatory.

VIP Airliners Bathrooms

The restrooms on VIP Airliners are significantly more luxurious. There is a lot of room to work with when it comes to models like the Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), and Embraer Lineage 1000E. These aircraft can also be customised to the point where practically anything is possible.

Interior of an Embraer Lineage 1000E

Bathroom on the Embraer Lineage 1000E

Owners occasionally have the choice of adding additional bathrooms, spa amenities, or even Turkish baths.

In general, passengers will find a restroom and shower in the centre of the aircraft as well as ensuite restrooms towards the back of the aircraft attached to the VIP bedroom. Another possibility is that the workers will have access to a lavatory up front.


There is a large range when it comes to private jet bathrooms. It is crucial to confirm which amenities are available on your particular aeroplane.

For instance, the Falcon 8X has a shower on-board, but the Cessna Citation Mustang has merely a chemical toilet that isn’t flushable and is hidden behind a curtain. Additionally, as you have seen with the Honda Jet, even within the same class, there can be huge differences in amenities. an aircraft that can fit a lot of cargo into a tiny space.