About Us

About Us

Scandinavian Business Jets offers the entire range of general aviation services related to business jets Helicopters and General Aviation. We operate our aircraft fleet exclusively using our own personnel from start to finish and deliver a complete package as a full-service provider.

In other words: If you have been thinking about whether you need a business jet, you can come to us without any prior knowledge whatsoever in this area. You do not have to do anything yourself – except fly. You can also easily give the management of your aircraft to us, or you can entrust us with the maintenance of your aircraft.

In either case, we can tailor our support and advice to suit your individual needs. With our know-how in aircraft sales, flight operations and aircraft maintenance, we offer you a solution to help navigate the complexities of your flight and aircraft requirements, ranging from selection, purchasing, registration, transfer, insurance, pilots, operation, and maintenance and sales.

“Our customers, for whom we operate aircraft, see the business jet as a tool for their company. For them, the aircraft is a “time generator” that contributes significantly to the development of their business and the success of their company”.

“As an AOC holder, we are subject to the same strict regulations as any major airline”. Our top management are from airlines awarded as worlds best airline in its category by SkyTrax”.

Our Vision Statements ​

Ole Christian Melhus


Mubashar Kapur


Ole Christian Melhus


Mubashar Kapur


"To be the leading provider of aviation services by working together to shape the green future growth of a safe, secure and sustainable air transport industry that connects people and enriches our world".

«Mission first, Safety always»

Our Mission Statements

  • Operational safety, both in the air and on the ground will never be compromised. Safety is the very core of our value offered to our customers, to our partners in the industry and to our employees. Our security must at all times be world-class and meet industry safety standards.
  • An important goal of our success is maximizing the shareholders’ return on the investment they make in us. Using our assets efficiently to generate optimum and sustainable profits for all our stakeholders is our profitability mission.
  • We must never forget that our customers choose which company to fly with or use. Our success depends on our customers and we promise to provide them with the best possible products and services available in the industry.
  • Our most important resource is our employees. They define who we are and are the soul of our company. Through the use of the industry’s best practices in personnel management and development, we strive to have not only highly motivated employees, but also the best and most productive employees in the industry.
  • Corporate responsibility is also an important characteristic that we have always believed in. We will continuously adopt systems and procedures in our company that will increase the company’s accountability, transparency and control.
  • We believe that serving our community in good times and in critical times is not only a duty, but also an honor and a privilege.

Our Team

Ole Christian Melhus


CEO, AM, CCO & Chairman of                      the Board

Mubashar Kapur

Capt-TRI B787/ 777, A340/320  

COO/ Deputy AM, Quality & Compliance, CRM Trainer & Board Member

Thomas Hesthammer



Niki Smulovic


Director Part 145

Daniel Lindefors

Director Safety, Quality &

Compliance and Board Member

Markus Johansson


Bård Ove Myhr


Director IT

Torstein Hoås

Captain B787/777 TRI/TRE, Captain B737 TRI/TRE, Captain MD-11, Captain B747-400, Captain DC9-80 (MD-80)

Thomas Eriksson

Chief Flight Instructor

Tristan Okkonen


Iluta Cakova


Our Core Values