Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management Led by top officials from among world's best airlines

“We have management who has successfully performed aircraft management for several decades in award winning Airlines”.

Our clients appreciate our professional and reliable service with an exemplarily high safety standard. Our aircraft management service gives you all the advantages of using your own company aircraft without having to set up your own flight operations. That way you can save labour and administration costs far from your own core business.

Private Aircraft Management Solutions

Simply tell our flight ops your needs and we will ensure professional execution while considering all technical and international requirements.

“The long-standing cooperation of our business units has enriched us with unique expertise. Thus we are able to provide our customers access to all the relevant knowledge of the industry”

Why Us

Commercial operation of your aircraft in our flight operations

Utilization optimization through third party chartering

Reduced fuel and insurance costs

Provision of the aircraft crew

Stationing at an airfield optimally suited for your operation

Organization of hangar space and office space on site

Flight planning and flight execution including organization of handling, catering and permits

Complete technical monitoring and service


When you work with Scandinavian Aerospace, you can rely on a committed team of aviation experts to manage everything from scheduling your next flight to managing the tedium of ownership. You may communicate with your team through a single point of contact, much like having your own flight department available around-the-clock.


Our team will expertly plan every aspect of your trip, from the flights to the ground transportation, dispatch, and maintenance.


When we match your aircraft with domestic or foreign travel laws, we go above and beyond what the EASA requires.


We welcome your current crew, or we can recruit one from our network of top-tier pilots. After that, we manage scheduling, payroll, training, and insurance.


We fully protect your privacy by preventing your tail number from appearing in industry statistics or the Aircraft Situation Display.


The EASA consistently awards our award-winning technicians for excellence each year.


Receive two straightforward monthly statements with audited totals for all expenses relating to aircraft—and no markup on third-party expenditures.


Charter-Managed Solution

Our charter service can increase revenue possibilities and improve aircraft utilisation. Make the most of your aircraft ownership by using our private jet management services across the nation, reviewing and approving each flight.


Personalized Solutions

Our aviation specialists are committed to managing every aspect of your operation, from flight operations, charter, and owner services, to scheduling, dispatching, and maintenance. This is a true turnkey solution that meets your needs and frees you up to concentrate on your regular business operations.

Cost Benefits for You

The benefits of using Scandinavian aerospace Academy in house team

Crew Training


Aircraft managment

An Investment In Safety

Our top priority is always keeping you secure. In order to guarantee the greatest degree of aviation safety and safeguard your aircraft, your physical safety, and your cybersafety, our protocols encompass a wide range of constantly growing procedures and state-of-the-art programmes.

  • Flight data monitoring is used by Exemplary Safety Management System (SMS) Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) to deliver more safety insights than any other program.
  • The most seasoned pilots, with an average of over 20 years and over 9,600 flight hours.
  • Before each flight, an 11-step safety risk. assessment is conducted.
  • Dispatch and flight activities are conducted internally to support each flight 24/7/365.
  • Every Scandinavian Aerospace pilot receives biannual full-motion simulator training, and the program’s cybersecurity risk management measures up to worldwide security requirements.
  • Phishing training that is repeated for all workers.
  • Monitoring digital assets round-the-clock.

A Flying Method That Is Environmentally Friendly

Through the Scandinavian Aerospace Carbon Offset Programme, we actively reduce our environmental effect with the help of our aircraft Owners and charter clients. Projects that reduce emissions by preserving forests and promoting renewable energy can be funded with carbon credits. We collaborate with ClimateCare, a global organisation devoted to eradicating methane gas, as part of our carbon offset programme. You therefore travel carbon neutral when you choose to offset the carbon on your flight.

Your Trusted Partner in Private Aviation

As a subsidiary of NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway company, EJM is connected to the world’s largest private aviation infrastructure. This means we have operational structure and stability unlike any other, all while providing access to unrivaled aviation resources. There truly has never been a better time to fly with EJM.