Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Private Jet

Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Private Jet

Since Covid’s debut in early 2020, an increasing number of customers have sought out private jet charter flights.

While demand for private jet charter trips fell in April 2020, there has been a robust rebound. Not only have loyal consumers returned, but new, first-time fliers have also joined in.

These are consumers who want to fly by private aircraft for health reasons, as well as the normal time savings and comfort.

Flying by private aircraft is still more expensive than other forms of transportation. Flying first or business class is less expensive. However, many consumers have discovered that the upgrading is worthwhile.

It’s difficult to go back after flying private.

However, flying a private jet for the first time might be intimidating.

As a result, this detailed guide will walk you through the process of chartering a private aircraft. From firms to employ in order to receive the finest rates. Everything from knowing rates to booking it all on your own. This is a detailed guide to private jet charter.

Please keep in mind that this tutorial will only cover on-demand private jet charter trips.

Why Use a Private Jet?

When most individuals are asked this question, the most typical response is “because it is luxurious!”

While this is true (see the inside of a Falcon 6X), it is not the primary reason to fly private.

The following are some of the benefits of flying by private jet:

  • Control Your Schedule and Save Time
  • Fly to More Locations
  • Increased Safety – For Example, Covid-19 
  • Comfort

If you already fly by private aircraft, you are probably aware of these reasons. You will have first-hand knowledge of the advantages that a private jet has over commercial flying.

Some of these reasons, though, may not have occurred to you if you are new to traveling by private jet.

Saving Time, Scheduling, and Travelling

The key argument for traveling by private aircraft is that it saves time. This is due in part to the second and third reasons listed. Control your schedule and travel to more places.

When flying privately, you have complete control over when and where you depart. You are not bound by the timings that the airlines select. You can fly whenever you choose.

Private planes may also fly to more airports than commercial carriers. This enables you to travel straight to airports closer to your final destination.

Popular routes are chosen by airlines. However, because your private jet charter is a one-time event, you can go wherever you wish.

Furthermore, private planes have far shorter take-off and landing distances than commercial aircraft. This makes a significant number of smaller airports available to private jet clients.

In the United States, for example, there are around 5,000 accessible airports. Commercial airlines, on the other hand, service less than 500.

Finally, the most important factor for time savings is time spent on the ground. Consider the last time you flew commercially. How far in advance did you have to arrive? 3 hours. 2 hours. Perhaps even one hour.

This is not necessary for a private jet. Arrive 15 minutes before departure and you’ll be on your way.


A component of aviation that should never be overlooked.

The reason that private planes are deemed safer than commercial flights is not because of safer aircraft or better personnel.

Because of viruses like Covid-19, private planes are thought to be safer than commercial jets.

Flying via private plane reduces your chances of contracting a virus significantly. With fewer interaction points, private jet terminals see significantly less utilization. Except for the crew, a private jet is just you and your passengers. Airplanes are being wiped out more regularly. The air within the cabin is cleaner.This is a major reason why many individuals have switched to private jet charter trips.


You may come across some lists of the advantages of private jet travel that overlook comfort. This is because, in many circumstances, comfort is insufficient to persuade clients to travel privately.

However, one advantage of traveling by private jet is increased comfort.

You have more room than flying first class since you have the entire plane to yourself. Onboard, there are no strangers.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and televisions are available on larger planes. Lower cabin heights and quieter cabins are features of the airplane.

Isn't it true that private jets are just for celebrities?

No. Celebrities, on the other hand, adore them. With good cause.

Add privacy to all of the preceding reasons.

Celebrities like Donald Trump, Kylie Jenner, John Travolta, and Mark Cuban all spend more than a million dollars every year on private jet travel.

According to PrivateFly research, the average private jet customer is a 41-year-old guy. This consumer usually travels with three or four additional people.

Furthermore, 57% of all private jet charter customers book their travel one week or less in advance.

Given the cost of private jet charters, the perks, and the possibility of empty legs, private jets are no longer reserved for the ultra-rich and C-suite executives.

Rather, it is for those who need to get somewhere quickly, safely, and comfortably.

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?

Most private jet flights are made or broken by this factor.

So far, you’ve decided to fly via private jet. Who wouldn’t?

The most difficult barrier to overcome, though, is cost. It is a difficult aspect of the private jet charter market to come across.

No one will give you a definitive answer unless you begin calling brokers and operators for quotes. Even so, you will only receive an estimate before receiving solid rates.

Having stated that, the following table illustrates the approximate cost per hour of each kind of private aircraft. From propeller planes to converted airliners, we have it all.

Aircraft ClassPassengersMaximum RangeSpeed (Knots)Estimated Price Per Hour
Propeller Aircraft6 – 84 hours 30 minutes300$2,000
Very Light Jets2 – 43 hours 15 minutes350$2,300
Light Jets6 – 75 hours 30 minutes450$2,900
Super Light Jets7 – 85 hours 30 minutes450$3,300
Medium Jets8 – 98 hours 15 minutes430$4,100
Super Midsize Jets8 – 108 hours 30 minutes460$5,500
Large Jets10 – 1613 hours 15 minutes500$7,500
Ultra Long Range Jets12 – 1617 hours 15 minutes510$10,000
VIP Airliners16 – 5016 hours 30 minutes480$18,000

Of course, they are only approximations.

The cost of a private jet charter is determined by a number of factors. Furthermore, a number of variables influence the cost per hour. Look here to check the hourly cost of all in-production private planes.

Having said that, the chart above will provide you with some very realistic estimates of how much a trip will cost.

For example, a journey from New York to Los Angeles in a medium plane will cost around $22,550 ($4,100 x 5.5). Calculate your flight time here.

Consider the following travel examples:

  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas Price
  • New York to Washington, D.C. Price
  • London to Paris Price
  • UK to Spain Cost

You’ve concluded that a private aircraft is the best way to go. Most significantly, you can afford the vacation.

The next step is to figure out how to book a private jet charter. Customers may become overwhelmed at this point.

Herein lies the issue with hiring a private plane.

Google “Private Jet Charter” yields almost 54 million results! How do you decide who to book with out of 54 million results?

Do you call many brokers and pit them against one another? Perhaps you might ask a buddy for a recommendation? Do you read reviews?

Don’t be concerned. You may simply choose the ideal charter for your needs if you have some basic understanding.

Operators vs. Brokers

The first distinction to make is between a private jet broker and a private jet operator.

The firms that own the aircraft are known as private jet operators. These are the personnel in charge of the aircraft’s maintenance, crewing, and scheduling.

Private jet brokers, on the other hand, act as go-betweens between you and the plane. Brokers never touch the aircraft; they only connect the consumer with the appropriate aircraft operator.

As a consequence of the aforesaid Google search results, the top three are all private jet charter brokers. They do not own the plane. They find and book the aeroplane.

Fly XO, on the other hand, is a company. They own their 115-plane fleet.

So, which is superior? Are you a broker or an operator?

While both have advantages, a broker is often favored for simplicity and convenience. They have significantly more planes at their disposal and can fly internationally.

Operators are significantly more constrained by the planes they have available and the places they can physically visit. However, if you know what sort of aircraft you want to fly and where you want to go, going directly to an operator is a terrific method to save money.

Ratings for Safety

Many people are surprised to learn that the private jet charter sector has multiple degrees of safety.

Not all operators are created equal, and not all airplanes are created equal.

When chartering a private aircraft, the essential safety ratings to be aware of are Argus and WYVERN.

It All Comes Down to Service

The service is the final consideration when choosing a private jet charter firm.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the client. If your contact avoids answering questions before booking, they are unlikely to answer inquiries if there is a problem with your flight.

It all boils down to the level of service you receive from the time you contact a broker or operator.

In addition, below is a list of things to ask when hiring a private aircraft.

Recommendations for Private Jet Charter Companies

If the information provided above does not make your private jet booking process any smoother, here is a list of brokers to consider.

While brokers are often more expensive than operators, the degree of convenience and service they provide is frequently well worth the extra cost.

Please keep in mind that we have no affiliation with any of the following businesses. This ranking is based on consumer input, safety, and service excellence.

Private jet brokers to contact include:

  • Service of Air Charter
  • Air Charter Consultants
  • Victor 
  • Clay Lacy
  • LunaJets 
  • PrivateFly
  • Private Jet Charter

If you want to speak with an operator directly, we recommend:

  • Fly XO 
  • GlobeAir.

How to Negotiate the Best Price

Cutting shortcuts is something that should never be done while traveling by private aircraft.

The danger of continuously looking for the best bargain is that safety will be jeopardized.

Never charter a private plane that sacrifices safety for a lower price.

The best, safest, and most convenient method to fly cheaply by private aircraft is with empty legs. This occurs when a private airplane is already in flight with no passengers on board. Operators then offer these flights for up to 75% discount in order to profit from the flight.

Most brokers, including Jettly, Victor, and Evo Jets, will provide empty leg flights.

Cutting Out the Middleman with Low-Cost Private Jet Charter

Going direct to the operator will save you money in most circumstances, resulting in inexpensive private jet trips.

If you plan on traveling frequently and don’t mind arranging your own logistics, firms like Avinode and Return jet can save you a lot of money.

Private jet operators can use services like these to compare prices. In many circumstances, your private jet broker will go here to find your flights.

Avinode,on the other hand, is a subscription-based service. As a result, unless you fly frequently, going direct with a broker makes more sense.

However, because flight planning will be more DIY, you should be able to find some affordable private jet trips.

Which Plane Is Best for Me?

Airplanes come in a variety of forms and sizes. Some can transport up to 19 passengers, while others can only transport four.

The best aircraft for you will be determined by your itinerary and the amount of people on board. Price, as always, will be a limiting factor.

You may, however, compare all planes here. Alternatively, you may see a list of all private planes here.

In principle, a private plane can take you anywhere. You can find a means to get there if there is a runway.

While there are limitations in terms of range, take-off distance, landing distance, weight, and fuel, the appropriate jet can get you there.

Use the map below to discover how far certain private planes can go.

Alternatives to Flying Private

A private jet charter is not the only option for traveling by private aircraft. It is, however, frequently the greatest way to get started in the world of private aviation.

Other options for private jet travel include flying by seat, jet cards, fractional ownership, leasing, and entire ownership.